Davies Designs Photography Milestone: Photos with 20k+ Downloads on Unsplash

October 21, 2020 -

This month, we're excited to share photos from Davies Designs Photography Studio that hit the exciting 20k+ download milestone on Unsplash. They include photos from our "Cloudy Carolina Skies" series as well as a photo of some fresh strawberries. Can you believe the top pastel skies cloud photo has been viewed over 3 million and downloaded over 85k times? We're speechless.

It's exciting to see that people are enjoying and getting use out of our photos, especially as we love taking them!

Visit us at https://unsplash.com/@davies_designs to view and download free images from Davies Designs Photography Studio!

To view more of our personal photography collections, visit us at https://www.daviesdesigns.net/shop-photography

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