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Brand Board: Sea & Sand, A beach bum boutique

At Davies Designs Studio, we believe that creating a brand board is like weaving a visual story that captures the essence of your brand's heart and soul. Today, we're thrilled to share a brand board for "Sea & Sand," a tropical beach apparel boutique.

Our goal? To evoke the breezy, carefree, and sun-soaked vibes that every beach lover craves. Each element on this board has been carefully chosen to reflect the warmth, joy, and serenity that "Sea & Sand" brings to the world. Whether you're a seasoned beach bum or shopping for coastal treasures, this brand board promises to envelop you in the relaxed and vibrant spirit of the seaside.

Brand Board: Sea & Sand, A beach bum boutique

Let's dive into this month's creation! This board is airy, beachy, calm, natural, and tropical. Perfectly designed to capture the tropical spirit of beach life.

Brand board for Sea & Sand, a beach bum boutique


Brand Traits: Airy, Beachy, Calm, Natural, Tropical


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