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Is Your Business Blogging? Don't Be Afraid to Dive Into the Blogging World.

The thought of starting a blog can seem scary, but launching a blog presents your audience with a great resource – a free resource – that helps solve problems, answer questions, and create a sense of community. It can also tie in pieces of your existing social media accounts and website while still holding true to what it is your audience is actually looking for. For example, if a follower remembers seeing a recipe posted on your Facebook page and wants to find it quickly a week or so later, they might try your website link if they’re unable to locate it in their news feed right away.

Solving problems, answering questions, AND making it easy on your audience to navigate – it’s all a win-win with minimal time investment on your end.

Getting Started

What do I blog about? Start by considering those lengthier, text heavy social media posts (e.g., tips, advice, recipes, tutorials, etc.) that you’re already putting out on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). Choose your blogging platform or fire up the blogging tool on your website - and formalize them by giving those posts a quick read through and updating them to answer any questions you feel a reader may have. You can copy and paste those posts directly into your chosen blogging platform, make edits, insert pictures or videos, and save them as drafts until you are ready to publish them formally.

This new, dedicated, blogging space for the important content your audience might otherwise have to scroll endlessly through a feed to find, offers endless positives. And just like how you can tie in elements from your existing social media accounts to your blog, you can also tie your blog back to those platforms as well. Not only does this sneak 'social media' peek give readers additional insight into your brand, but it creates a loop that links everything together and presents a unified representation of your business (or initiatives) and an easy-to-navigate online presence for your audience.

So don't be afraid to dive on in...and...

Happy Blogging!


Written by: Crystal Davies, Owner, Davies Designs Studio

Crystal Davies is a Brand Consultant and Owner of Davies Designs Studio. Her passion is using her 10+ years experience in corporate marketing and branding to help her clients design visions become reality. 


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