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Tips for Choosing a Graphic Designer

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Choosing a Graphic Designer to carry out your design vision can seem like a daunting task. Whether you find one via Google search, a referral, or maybe even on LinkedIn...we've compiled some helpful tips for helping you decide if it's a good match - because a good match is as important as loving your final design!

1 - Portfolio, Portfolio, Portfolio!

Experienced designers have a portfolio, preferably online. If you're in the research phase of your designer search, be sure to check for a portfolio page on their website, or, if you cannot locate one, request it in a call. Reviewing portfolios is an easy way to see if their style, or stylistic range, is a match to your vision.

2 - Online Reviews

If they have a Google Business or Facebook page, check their reviews to be sure you've located a legitimate designer or design agency.

Reviews with descriptions vs. star ratings are indicators that you've found a reputable option.

3 - Ask About Job Experience

In some cases, a Graphic Designer may not have an online portfolio, website, or online reviews - which happens when beginning to freelance or due to NDA's - but they come highly recommended by word of mouth. In this instance, scheduling a quick meeting to ask about their experience can be extremely helpful. When I first started my business, I couldn't use any of the work I had completed in my corporate job due to contractual agreements, but I could 'speak to' the projects I had worked on over the past 10 years and how I managed them in order to explain how my experience could benefit my potential clients project.

4 - Ask About Their Design Process

Experienced Graphic Designers have a process in place for working with clients through the design process and, chances are, the design process varies by request type. In other words, the design process for logo design is different to the design process for book cover design. Asking about their design process should be met with a confident and clear response that speaks to their experience and ability.

5 - Request a Detailed Quote

When you've found a Graphic Designer, or Designers, that meets your criteria, the next step is to request a detailed quote. This can be extremely helpful when trying to decide between multiple designers and, in some cases, be the deciding factor in making your choice.


Written by: Crystal Davies, Owner, Davies Designs Studio

Crystal Davies is a Brand Consultant and Owner of Davies Designs Studio. Her passion is using her 10+ years experience in corporate marketing and branding to help her clients design visions become reality. 


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