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Davies Designs Art Studio Opens at the Catawba River Antique Mall, Belmont, NC

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Davies Designs Studio is excited to announce that we've opened an Art Studio Shop at the Catawba River Antique Mall in Belmont, NC. Our Art now has a location where you can see all that sparkle in-person!

Because in our down time, we're still creating. . .

We think of ourselves as 'creative to the core' as it's rare that we're not creating something...even in our down time! Now the items we create have a home in our brand new shop space!

Items in our shop include:

  • Resin Art - everything from resin paintings to unique industrial chic furniture!

  • Unique Gifts - including wedding gifts, baby shower gifts, and fun hand-sewn items!

  • Holiday & Seasonal Crafts - we love to create, so you'll always find something special around the holidays!

So come on out and see us! And, if you see something you would like to personalize, just send us a quick email or let the attendants at the counter know, and we're happy to customize an order for you!

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